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Thursday, April 30, 2009

day 8 - forget neiman marcus, I heart the plain white tee's

Our first product review with a lesson learned thrown in for good measure!

Prelude to a Lesson Learned: The fall of 2008 watched the stock market crash and department store prices plummet. Christmas 2008 sales were too good to pass up. With your grandparents in tow, we stocked up on baby clothes!

Before you were born we all were convinced you could not be more than 5 or 6 pounds at birth. Your father may remember his birth weight incorrectly, but I know I only weighed 4 pounds and your aunt Maggie topped the weight charts for my family at 6 pounds. So, on we marched to Neiman Marcus, Lord and Taylor, and Macy's raking in all the oh-so-cute and oh-so-inexpensive clothes for newborns. Despite advice we had been given, we didn't buy all our clothes on the bigger side. Pre-parenting failure #1, you've outgrown a good majority of your clothes already.

Lesson Learned: Buy most of your baby clothes things big! Exceptions to this rule: socks (I think these are one size anyways and probably unnecessary in most cases) and swaddle-me's (more on this in a later post).

Here is Your Product Review
Just weeks into your life you've outgrown my favorites outfits, but there is good reason for me to be okay with this. What we bought is not what works for us! In our pre-baby shopping we were stocked up on onesies and jumpers (this is what we were told babies wear). Now, just over a week into your life, all we want is a cute diaper and a plain white tee. You're still wearing the one we took home from the hospital (it's kinda tight now - more half shirt like) and your dad has made a run to Target for more.

Here are my calculated benefits of the plain white tee's:
  • How easy is it to change a diaper when you have no pants and no snaps to undo?!
  • The shirts sit nicely above your diaper and don't rub on your umbilical cord.
  • They are SO easy to change, no need to wrestle with you as we do sliding the onesies over your head (this is important when you spit up all over yourself or worse, if you poopy your onesie).
  • White matches everything, right?!
  • If you need pants, we slide some pants on.
  • If you need something warmer for outside, we put that over your diaper and over your t-shirt.
  • If we need something warmer for inside, we wrap you up in blankets or your swaddle-me.
  • DON'T MISS THIS: Tee shirts with the foldover hand mitten things can be very beneficial to any breastfeeding mother whose child has wandering hands. Believe the scratch marks on my chest, sometimes we need to cover those puppies! Forget them scratching themselves, save yourself!
Their only downfall seems to be their tendency to ride up, especially when they are to small. This hasn't really been an issue for us. We just pull the shirt back down when necessary.

Please, moms out there, buy the plain white tees. You will thank me for it. Make sure not to get them too small, they still fit great when they are a bit too big. It's critical you buy the ones that snap in the front too. Carters and Gerber (at Target) both make good ones. If you buy the non-snap on versions that you have to pull over the head it voids most of the pros I've written here.

In conclusion, the plain white tees are a must have! Here is some even better advice, get them both a see what works better for you. As a first time parent, wanting something easier to put on (small fear of you suffocating during those 10 seconds when I am trying to get some onesies over you head).

Tucker, you spend most of your days and nights in these tees.

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