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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

day 6 - is this thing on?

I've received comments from my sister, necessitated through the word of mouth my mom gives her. Apparently we've been holed up in the nursery all day. As if we are confined to this bedroom, doomed to rot away in a sea of spit up and dirty diapers.

No one told me, and definitely no one told them, that you were going to eat all day (and night) every day. We are somewhat confined to this bedroom, but you know what? We are bonding. I adore every minute I get to hold you close and watch you fall asleep contentedly in my lap.

As a first time mom though, I do have to wonder if this breastfeeding thing is working. Are you eating all day because you are not getting enough to eat? Am I failing at milk production? Is something else wrong?

Of course I've asked Google what could be wrong ... And oh the things the internet says could be wrong! Despite all the worrying we've done so far, my instinct here tells me that you and I have this right. You're a natural breast feeder. You are just a hungry, HUNGRY, hippo and you love the mom + Tucker bonding as much as I do.

In defense of the internet, Google didn't just tell me that your frequent feeding was about the end of the world, it also sent me to this reassuring article that we are not alone.

We'll see if this breastfeeding thing is working at your next weight in....

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