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Sunday, April 26, 2009

day 3 - a word about circumcision care

Day 3 of life outside the womb. Day 1 home from the hospital. Dad and I are exhausted. We spent most of the day holed up in the bedroom / nursery at your grandparents house. I'm still very light headed and sore from the delivery. Your dad is hanging in there like a champ, pulling full diaper duty.

A note to prospective parents: We made an conscientious decision to have our son circumcised. I am not recommending either for or against circumcision, just please be informed on the pros and cons and seriously think about whether or not this is right for your child.

We read up on our discharge papers on how to care for you circumcision. Directions: "if the bandage has not fallen off within 24 hours, soak the bandage in water and remove". As new parents, these directions are terrifying. Can't we just leave the bandage on your swollen, ouchy private? Shouldn't something like this be left to a professional?

Dad went to work unwrapping the bandage. I assisted with the warm water to "soak" the bandage. We were good up to the last tug, which stuck, then bled, then bled some more. You soaked up several gauze pads and on the advice of your to be pediatrician we headed back to the hospital. Home for a little more than 24 hours and we've already broken you.

I never imagined how much I could worry about something or someone. The responsibility is enormous and overwhelming. The stress of it all is crazy. The love we have for you is truly evident and stronger than I could have hoped.

The ER staff at Edward's hospital fixed you up again. We were reassured your blood loss was not as great as it seemed. We headed home more tired, but relieved. You will live to bleed another day!

So, crisis was managed and a lesson was learned - DO NOT TRUST THAT YOUR DISCHARGE PAPERS ARE CORRECT. After we made the mistake of removing your bandage, the remaining doctors assured us that you are NOT to remove the circumcision bandage, it should fall off on its own. When in doubt, call your pediatrician!

P.S. We're sorry!

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