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Friday, June 26, 2009

the funny thing about ads

Well, so someone read my post about having ads on my blog as I actually got my first hits on the ads (thank you blog reader!). Google provides me statistics on the number of blog page hits I have and the number of clicks on the ads. They don't tell me who is visiting my site or which ads are being clicked. Worries aside, your deartucker viewing is still completely anonymous (unless you choose to leave a comment, of course)!

So, someone clicked on my ads, which is funny as this blog is about Tucker, us, being a mom, and you know, baby stuff. With my recent post about his infant-vaccinations though, Google must have thought my blog was about completely something else. I'd tell you what that is, but if I put it in writing, the ads will stick. This is how it works, Google "crawls" my web-site at some time during the week, possibly multiple times. Based on the content of my blog, Google picks related ads. Since this crawling action does not take place nightly, relevant ads (such as for Blood Cord donation, or the Stokke Explorer) may not be back for a few days. In the meantime, please enjoy these ads that are more appropriate for a Doogie Howser related blog.

Having now written two posts on these ads though, I wonder what the next round of ads will be?

Let's try to nip this in the bud: infant, infant, infant, infant, boppie, boppie, boppie, boppie, newborn, newborn, newborn, newborn, stroller, stroller, stroller, stroller.

Happy Friday to All!

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