One mom's journey through first time motherhood.
A journal to her son, Tucker, inscribing his birth into this world, the lessons and tricks they learned along way, and what they are not telling you in the prenatal books and classes.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

day 47 - what a looker

I'm reading through my baby bible, What To Expect the First Year, and see ALL these milestones one might expect from a baby for the second month. As a new mother, I was a bit concerned. Should these behaviors be expected when you enter the second month, during the second month, when you turn two? I don't have time to read the small print, but I'm going with my motherly instincts here ... I don't care! I'll let you grow up at your own rate and will be there to document each breath and enjoy it along the way!

For the record, you:
  • now adore the mobile you weren't quite interested in those first weeks
  • can follow objects as the move, especially grandma doing the itsy bitsy spider and your favorite mobile
  • do an amazing job of holding up your head, i think you'll be crawling by next week!
  • love to practice standing and crawling up the mom gym - its your favorite game!

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