One mom's journey through first time motherhood.
A journal to her son, Tucker, inscribing his birth into this world, the lessons and tricks they learned along way, and what they are not telling you in the prenatal books and classes.

Monday, May 4, 2009

day 12 - dear tucker

It's hard to believe you were born nearly two weeks ago today. I had every intention of starting this journal for you (and other moms out there) the day we came home from the hospital, but while the thoughts have been stirring in my head and my hands have struggled to put you down. I'm sure mom's out there can sympathize. Bringing up baby is no small feat.

When you're wondering why this post seems misplaced, it isn't. Today I started your journal. The older posts are back dated... Come on, I know we took a laptop to the hospital, but we really did have more pressing things to do!

You're sitting in your Fisher Price, My Little Lamb swing now, so let's see what we can get out of my head....

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