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Friday, May 8, 2009

day 16 - the umbilical cord story

Stress has hit the household again. Your umbilical cord fell this evening, Friday, just before your Dad got home and just before your aunt's and uncle's all arrived to meet you. Previously, I was completely looking forward to the day your umbilical cord fell off. It opens the door for clothes that would have rubbed your "stump" and we had been using it as a milestone for when we would try you out in your gDiapers (more on that soon ...)

When the moment arrived, we were completely uninformed as to what the cord belly button should LOOK like once it falls off. Naturally we freaked out. Remember how we sent you to the hospital over your circumcision? Here we were, breaking you again. No book, no class, no one had told us that the umbilical cord stump can PARTIALLY fall off. This it what happened with you. Your stump fell off and hung there, dangling by a few threads (threads of WHAT, I have no idea).

In typical fashion, we consulted the internet (I know this is going to sound so archaic when you read it) and could not get a straight answer. Your belly button looked oozy and white - like the color of the umbilical cord right after you were born. I slapped a piece of gauze over your belly button and called your doctor. We have an appointment for 10:00 AM tomorrow.

It was a big day for you. In addition to the umbilical cord tragedy, the scab on your head from the fetal monitor fell off too. That fell off with out a problem.

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