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Sunday, May 10, 2009

day 18 - happy mother's day

Our first mother's day together!

We started out the day with not much sleep. Up all night feeding and fighting those poopy pains you seem to get. Must have worked as you had the official poopiest diaper thus far.

Mother's day started with breakfast with the family. Your aunts and uncles were in town to meet you. You and I missed breakfast because you were hungry, but we joined them all later for a reheated bite to eat and some gift opening.

As your guests were out the door after breakfast. Your father and I were left to have our first argument. I was mortified over arguing in front of you. You didn't like it much either.

What was my mother's day gift? Your Dad put the B.O.B. stroller together and the three of us took our first walk together. You passed out the second the stroller hit the pavement and your dad and I enjoyed the beginning of the warm Chicago weather.

If you are wondering how it took 18 days for us to make it out for a walk, I was completely surprised by the toll child birth took on my body. Sitting, let alone walking, isn't so easy for the weeks that follow. As my first real exercise, we walked slowly along. Hoping this is the first of many walks to come for us.

Pseudo Product Review: The B.O.B. worked great for our walk. I'm reserving judgment until we give it a go running.

In progress news, you are starting to have much more alert time. We started playing the standup game - I hold you under your arms as you push yourself to a standing position. You are insanely strong and seem to love this little bit of independance. If your bottom hurts anywhere near how much mine does from sitting and nursing (and stitches), I understand why you like the standup game so mch. I've noticed that you are starting to stare at things, mostly lights, and like to grab on. When I tried to end a feeding session today you put a death grip on my bra strap and refused to let go.

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