One mom's journey through first time motherhood.
A journal to her son, Tucker, inscribing his birth into this world, the lessons and tricks they learned along way, and what they are not telling you in the prenatal books and classes.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This is why I became a mother and a photographer.

These pictures speak for themselves. The absolute glee and emotion that runs through Tucker as he watches his mobile is completely indescribable. Notice how he kicks his blanket off in all the excitement. This is exactly the reason why I wanted to become a photographer, to capture moments like these and instill their memories for a lifetime. I couldn't narrow down the pictures any better than I could attempt to explain his raw enthusiasm. See his wonderment for yourselves. Try not to smile :)

After fifteen or so ecstatic minutes in his crib eye chasing his mobile around, Tucker came and laid down with me in our bed. Together we stared up at Brian's and my mobile.

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